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Walls & Floors

Tiles are one of the most chosen options in bathroom design, coveted for their easy-to-clean surface and sleek, modernised appearance. At Lusso, our collection of tiles explores the same significance towards opulent design as the rest of our products, delivering floor and wall tiles that are elegant in aesthetic and enduring in quality. Including polished and raw cut tiles carved from the exclusive Lusso marble, our tiles ensure optimum durability and ethical production, carefully selected and sustainably sourced from some of the world’s most luxurious marble destinations. Our tiles range from polished surfaces to raw cut shadow tiles, fluted styles and mosaics, each crafted from a variety of lavish materials that are finely sourced from global destinations, including Italian Carrara marble and Tunisian Grey, Riviera Calacatta and Nero Marquina to name a few. Our marble tiles are designed to achieve the same luxury as the interior design observed in some of the world’s most lavish hotels, including the extraordinary decor found in Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and we take this luxurious influence and incorporate it into all of our collections, a testament to our industry reputation of delivering accessible, affordable luxury. 

Our growing collection of bathroom tiles allows you to style your bathroom head to toe in Lusso, working hand in hand with our beautiful selection of marble baths, marble basins and vanity units. For those looking to elevate the marble surroundings with something brighter and sleeker, our stone resin baths and basins are a perfect choice to style with your marble tiles. Explore marble tiles at Lusso and complete with our brassware, including marble bath and basin taps from our Porto collection

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Q: Are marble tiles waterproof?

A: It’s important to choose wall tiles that are water resistant. Bathroom tiles are designed to repel liquids which includes steam and splashbacks. Our tiles are sealed to ensure that water does not get into the substructure of a bathroom. This also makes tiles easier to clean and reduces the build-up of mould. 


Q: What should I avoid when cleaning marble tiles?

A: Marble is a porous stone which means it risks being chipped, duller or stained by some cleaning products. You should avoid cleaning products unless they’re specifically designed for marble, specifically abrasive products that could scratch the surface. Never use bleach, baking soda, vinegar or anything of this kind. 


Q: How do I maintain marble tiles?

A: Depending on whether the marble tiles you use are for flooring or walls the cleaning techniques may differ. Wall tiles should be cleaned with a neutral soap solution and a cloth once per week. Floor tiles should be mopped frequently with a soft cloth to remove grit and dirt. 


Q: Do marble tiles break easily?

A: Marble stone is durable and can withstand the test of time, and wear and tear. Our marble tiles are sealed making them more durable. However, due to the stone being porous means marble tiles are at more risk of damage which is why it’s important to follow the correct maintenance steps. 


Q: How long do marble tiles last?

A: Marble is a lot more stronger and durable than most tiles including ceramic and porcelain. With regular maintenance and care, marble tiles are designed to last at least 25 years. Testament to this our marble tiles come with a lifetime guarantee.