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Kitchen Taps

Kitchen taps are a focal statement of your kitchen. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or looking to make an impactful change, switching out your kitchen tap can create a whole new aesthetic, whether you have a penchant for modern kitchens or are in favour of traditional themed kitchens. At Lusso, our kitchen tap collection includes a wide variety of models to ensure there’s a tap for each kitchen, from classic mixer taps and pull out spouts to ingenious boiling water taps and pot fillers. 

Our kitchen taps are designed with functionality and excellence, ensuring impeccable quality, style and appearance. Our styles range from contemporary square neck taps to classic swan neck spouts which are each available in a selection of finishes, from striking brushed gold, glamorous polished nickel, and chic matte black, designed to work in cohesion with our accessories and homewares of the same beautiful finishes. 

Our taps contain premium-grade components such as Citec ceramic cartridges and Neoperl aerators, ensuring that durability, longevity and smooth continuous water flow are present in each design.  Testament to the high-quality components and intricate hand-finished details, our kitchen taps are covered by our industry-renowned guarantees. 

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Q: What are the different types of kitchen taps?

A: At Lusso, we have a wide range of kitchen taps suited to modern and traditional interiors. Including pull-out, mixer and boiling water taps designed with single and dual levers. 


Q: Where should pot fillers be placed?

A: Pot fillers should be mounted to a wall, and placed above the cooking surface. It should be high enough to fill the largest pot, with a typical height dimension of 12 to 18 inches from the cooking surface. 


Q: What is the purpose of a pot filler?

A: Pot fillers are designed to make the prospect of filling your kitchen pots and pans much simpler. 


Q: How long should a mixer tap last? 

A: Our kitchen mixer taps are designed with exceptional quality and commercial grade components which are designed to last the test of time. Testament to this, they come with a 15 year guarantee. 


Q: What features should I look for in a mixer tap?

A: Kitchen mixer taps should be easily adjusted to get the right balance of hot and cold water. All our mixer taps are constructed with Citec ceramic cartridges which are an important component of mixer taps as they allow easy control over water temperature. 


Q: What are pull out kitchen taps? 

A: Pull out kitchen taps feature a pull out spray hose which allows you to control the direction of water around the kitchen sink. 

Q: Are pull-out faucets durable?

A: Pull-out faucets are designed for strength, and our collection of pull-out kitchen taps offers discernible durability, longevity and effectiveness.