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Lusso is synonymous with unrivaled quality, modern innovation, and a signature style of modern elegance. The renowned aesthetic is embodied throughout our opulent kitchen collection. Crafted with exceptional craftsmanship, the contemporary collection consists of sinks, taps, pot fillers, hardware, and tiles that will give your kitchen a luxurious makeover. Lusso offers a wide range of kitchen taps, from traditional inspired styles with practical pull-out sections to modern designs with boiling water elements. All kitchen taps and sinks are finely constructed in-house from stainless steel, brass, and the world’s most opulent marble. Defined by our signature finishes, including brushed gold, matte black, gunmetal, polished nickel, brushed stainless, and chrome, there is something to suit all types of kitchens.

Kitchen taps are one of the most important aspects of kitchens, as they define your interior and stand as the focal point. Our selection of kitchen taps perfectly fits in with many types of interior styles, as they provide a luxurious aesthetic as well as being a functional choice. All kitchen taps are fitted with a Citec ceramic cartridge and Neoperl aerator to ensure smooth continuous water flow. As a testament to the luxury quality, Lusso offers a 15 year guarantee. Each kitchen tap is unique to Lusso, offering different styles, functions, silhouettes and finishes. Exclusive to Lusso, the Filtrata 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap is a modern, innovative, and practical design. It provides four different water temperatures at the push of a button, giving you freshly filtered boiling water, filtered cold water, and standard hot and cold water in an instant from a single tap. Separate water filters, plastic bottled water, and kettles will no longer be required in your kitchen. Pair with our eco-friendly reusable glass water bottles for the ideal sustainable solution. 

Our single lever taps allow the flow of both hot and cold water through a single spout which is controlled by one lever. The Vuito single lever tap embraces modern elegance designed with a square neck and a deck mounted single lever. In contrast to this, our collection of traditional taps are inspired by the 1920s Art Deco movement built with both single and dual levers. The Celeste is a classical design and offers a dual lever that supplies hot and cold water from two separate taps. 

Pull-out kitchen taps are a new and innovative design which are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen interiors. Lusso’s pull-out kitchen taps are finely crafted with a section that can be extended to allow water to be directed around the sink. A selection of kitchen taps are designed with a separate hose and pull-out section to allow you to neatly clean and aim water flow around the sink without creating a large splashback. 

Complete your kitchen tap with one of our opulent kitchen sinks. Available as double and single styles or tap and sink sets. One of our signature bundles combines the Elegance Pull-Out Tap and Vello Undermount Sink which seamlessly blend together to create a luxurious kitchen statement. The Carrara marble kitchen sink offers generous capacity and a deep silhouette which creates a striking statement. Cut from a solid block of Carrara marble, the versatile design brings a timeless aesthetic to any kitchen interior. 

Our kitchenware offers functional and versatile taps and sinks which also provide a luxurious aesthetic to your home. The finish and style of a tap can define your interior. Lusso offers a wide range of kitchen taps with modern and traditional designs. The selection of traditional designs are synonymous with the Art Deco era and its beautiful 1920s themed kitchens. Constructed with period details that add character to your home, including elegant swan necks, geometric lines, deck mounted, levers, and hose sprays.  Finished with classically polished nickel and brushed gold sheens to achieve an elegant grandeur. 

For modern kitchens, our kitchen taps and sinks are the perfect way to achieve a contemporary, minimal interior. They offer a simple and sophisticated appearance that suits all modern homes beautifully. Browse from a selection of square and round spouts which are adorned with a single lever to create a clean aesthetic. The contemporary pull-out kitchen taps, offer a concealed pull-out section which allows you to be flexible with cleaning while creating a clean, minimal appeal. 

Complete your kitchen with a luxurious finishing touch courtesy of our hardware collection. Crafted with fine attention to detail, the knurled and fluted designs achieve modern grandeur in both appearance and quality. The range includes door handles, furniture knobs, and pull bars which are designed to fit onto cabinet doors and kitchen doors. The matte black brushed gold and brushed stainless designs can be styled cohesively with our kitchenware collection. 

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