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Flawless hardware is essential in achieving a luxury home, which is why our durable hardware collection has been designed with exceptional attention to detail. Crafted to achieve modern grandeur in both appearance and quality, the range includes internal door handles, cabinet knobs, pull bars and door stops with intricately engineered knurling and fluting - details that are commonplace within high-end properties. Designed to be both versatile and practical, Lusso hardware is designed to offer cohesive decor styling throughout the home, whether you choose matte black, brushed gold or brushed stainless, each that makes the perfect counterpart for our existing brassware and stone bath collections. Our Dali collection is defined by intricate fluting - a detail which takes influence from Greek architecture - displaying luxurious fluted grooves running through the surface of the door handles, pull bars, knobs and door stops. The Dali range is beautifully modern with classical notes that pay homage to its inspirations. 

The Luxe range is exceptionally machine knurled, taking influence from the gold standard in motoring, Bentley. This premium detail is commonplace within the premium motor industry and as such, it’s become a symbol of high-end, progressive luxury.   The hardware collection by Lusso embodies our luxury aesthetic and each piece is crafted from solid, durable stainless steel before being finished in either of our three luxury coatings - matte black, brushed stainless and brushed gold - designed to work in cohesion with kitchen and bathroom products that boast the same lavish finishes. Our pull bars come in two different sizes, including 150mm and 250mm, ideal for smaller and larger cabinets or units. Our collection also includes hinges and thumbturn latch sets designed to match, enabling continual style throughout the home. Explore Lusso hardware and shop single, five pack or ten packs, great for singular interiors or for those looking to add Lusso hardware throughout the home or development. 

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Q: How do you maintain a door handle?

A: It’s important to clean your door handle on a regular basis in order to maintain an immaculate state. Use soapy water and a cloth to effortlessly remove dirt and rinse with water for a radiant sheen. 


Q: Can furniture knobs be used on drawers?

A: Furniture knobs are simpler to install onto drawers than pull bars, as they only require one screw to secure the knob to the surface and boast a small profile handle.


Q: Where should pull bars be placed?

A: Pull bars should be placed horizontally onto the centre of drawers, cabinets or cupboards. 


Q: What size drawers require two pull bars/ furniture knobs?

A: Narrow drawers require only one pull bar or furniture knob, where as drawers wider than 18 inches require two. 


Q: What is a tubular latch for a door?

A:  Tubular latches are a common choice for internal doors that don't require a lock. It involves effortless installation with minimal cutting and drilling to the door. Designed to ensure a smooth transition, Lusso’s tubular latch is made up of a face ad strike plate and screws.